CMG’10 – Call for Papers

The Computer Measurement Group (CMG) calls for papers and presentations
for for CMG’s 36th International Conference to be held in Kissimmee, Florida, December 6th through 10th, 2010. The 2010 CMG conference will cover all areas of systems management, including but not limited to: capacity planning, management and reporting, modeling and statistics, measurement, tuning, performance engineering and load testing, as well as the latest developments in the overall field of computer performance evaluation.

Since 1975 CMG is a volunteer organization of performance professionals and the CMG conference is the best place to learn about performance analysis, capacity planning, and related subjects.

This year CMG has separate subject areas for Load Testing and Performance Engineering.

Mentoring is available.

Proceedings up to 2007 are available to everybody (free registration required).

There is a good newsletter and local groups.


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